Shuttlebus to the tournament

We offer the team a fast and smooth transfer by bus. This offer will apply to all teams within 50 miles from Helsingborg.
The transfer will pick up the team at their clubhouse and then drive to Copenhagen and the tournament. During the cup you are also free to use this at no extra cost.

When the cup is over, the bus will drive you back to your clubhouse.

Public transportation in Copenhagen

There are many different options for transportation to choose from in Copenhagen. If you want to go to Cup Denmark you can go by train. If so, you should go from Copenhagen’s Central Station (Københavns Hovedbanegård) to Bröndbystrand Station or Bröndbyöster Station to get to the tournament area as smoothly as possible.

Both are located about 3 km from Bröndby Stadium. We recommend traveling in the direction of Höje Taastrup and then jump off at Bröndbyöster Station.

The journey takes about 17 minutes and the train runs every 10 minutes. Then take the bus from Bröndbyöster Station direction Bröndby Strand, where you later get off at the Gildhöj Center/Bröndbyvester Boulevard station. The bus takes about 12 minutes and departs every 20 minutes. From this bus station there is the walkway last stretch, about 350-400 meters to the stadium.

Bus to Bakken

Bus to the amusementpark Bakken is an offer togheter with with the event on Friday. With our buses, you either leave either 17:30, 18:45 or 20:00 to Bakken by bus and stay 3 hours on the park. Later the bus will drive each team to the respective school.

This is booked on site.

Bus between schools

A bus between schools and the tournament area will run every morning between 6:30 to 9:30 and 17:00 to 22:00 in the evening. Here you will have the opportunity to come to your breakfast in good time before the first match and the same thing in the evening.

Should it be that the team wants a bus ride between these times, you can book this by simply calling a number and a bus will be arranged to the team.