How do we register special food/allergies?

A document will be sent to each teams contact person, where you should enter special food / allergies for all players and leaders. The following allergies and special foods we offer are: Gluten, Lactose and Vegetarian. Remaining allergies or specialty foods will not be served on site but we offer space for storage of this food.

Because we have many Muslims coming to the tournament we have chosen not to serve pork. You do not need to report this as a specialty food or allergy.

Food tickets

Extra single food tickets can be purchased on site. There is also a small food court at the tournament activity area with several options of food.

Where do you eat your meals?

All meals are eaten at the tournament restaurant located near the activity area.

People accommodated in hostels and hotels will eat breakfast at their accommodation.


This year’s Cup Denmark menu will be presented approximately 1 week before the cup start.

Meal times

Wednesday & Thursday 07:00-09:00
Friday – Sunday 06:30-09:30
Monday 07:00-09:00

Wednesday – Sunday 11:30-14:30

Wednesday – Sunday 17:30-21:30.