Now there is the opportunity to play the Elite tournament, during the same period as Cup Denmark, Bröndby Elite Cup is played 1-4 August 2019.
Accommodation: School, hostel or hotel as desired age groups:
Boys -05 Playtime: 2 x 35 min.
Boys -06 Playtime: 2 x 35 min.
Boys -07 Playtime: 2 x 30 min

Tournament rules:
If two or more teams qualify for the same points after the group stage following rules apply:
1. Goal difference.
2. Most goals scored.
3. Points in their games between each other.
4. Penalty shootout.
The team plays one match per day. The matches are usually played in the afternoon, so there are opportunities for training in the morning.
Every game have 2 referees (Head referee + assistant referee). Yellow and red cards are handled according to DBU’s rules, that say a warning does not have a time-limited punishment.
The team must be ready for the game 10 minutes before the set gametime. 5 minutes before the start of the match the referees followed by the two teams marching from the corner flag against the center off the pitch. Where the teams greet the audience and each other.
Maximum 16 players could be used each game. Replaced players may not be resubstituted. In total, the squad could be a maximum of 20 players.
Tournament Regulations:

If the team has the same shirt color, the away team is required to change. Protests must be submitted in writing to the tournament office no later than 30 minutes after the game with a deposit of 500dkk. The money is refunded if the protest is approved. Each team brings their own footballballs for the warm up before the game. The shirts must be numbered. Each team is advised to include 2 sets of their shirts, in different colors. The team’s lineup with club name, age group, players name and date of birth must be completed and submitted to the tournament office before the team’s first match. You can also submit this with the players’ shirt number to before the tournament starts. Serious offenses from players will be reported to the clubs national federations the Dansk Boldspil Union (DBU)

Dispensation rules: Latest on arrival at Bröndby, a players list will be provided, indicating which players the team will use. Players who meet the age limits can participate in two age groups. Up to three players per team are allowed to play for two teams. Max 3 overaged players are allowed dispensation. In these cases, the application must be submitted by 1 July. All players must be able to show passport or legitimation upon request, as well as players with the dispensation must be clearly stated on the playerslist.


In the event of a tie after full time, penalty will apply. Prices for 2019 is presented shortly. * All this includes: – Full board – Cup pennant – Accommodation in school ** – Playoffs – Trophy to all players – 5 matches – Leaders meeting at Brøndby Stadium – T-shirt – Entrance to Bakken (Amusement Park) *** – Disco – Various activities in the tournament area * Tournament fee excluding transport ** Other accommodation options upon request *** Rope is not included. You get discounted price on site The team fee is added at 3500: – per team.

Program 2018
Program 2018 Tuesday 31 July Arrival Brøndby Stadium Opening Night Wednesday, August 1st The tournament starts Thursday, August 2nd The tournament continues Friday 3 August The tournament continues Visit Bakken (Amusement Park) Saturday 4 August The tournament continues leaders meeting disco Sunday, August 5th Finals Award ceremony Journey home