When do we get to know which school we have been placed in?

After the final registration date we will start placing the teams at their respective accommodation. Approximately 1 week before the cup starts, your team will know witch school you have been placed on.

We consider all the teams wishes and try to make it as good as possible for everyone.

When do the schools open at arrival?

The schools will be opened for all teams at 12:00 on the arrival day.

Staying at a hostel

The hostel rules apply.
Check out by 10 o’clock on departure day.

Staying at a hotel

The hotel rules apply.
Check out by 10 o’clock on departure day.

Extra nights

Possibility of extra nights are available for all teams. We can arrange accommodation for the teams arriving one day earlier or leaving one day later.

When staying at hotels and hostels, special rules may apply and prices may vary.


For people who are not players or leaders, we recommend accommodation near the Central station in central Copenhagen. Here it is easy to commute by Copenhagen’s public transport to Bröndby and the tournament area.

We also recommend local camping sites.

Accomondation at school

The rules are subject to the conditions that the accommodation should be enjoyable for everyone and that respect and consideration is to be shown to others who live nearby.

We want the following rules to be followed:

– The team’s manager is responsible for order and discipline at the school and has the duty of ensuring that compensation is paid before departure, for any damage caused by members of the team.
– At least one leader has to sleep at the school with the team.
– Smoking and use of open flame are strictly prohibited on the school premises.
– Garbage and similar products may only be placed in the receptacles provided for this purpose.
– Beer and alcohol must not be brought into or consumed on the school premises.
– Ball games are not allowed in the school buildings or on school grounds.
– All windows must be closed when the dormitory is left unattended.
– Each team is responsible for keeping its dormitory clean and tidy.
– Each team must take its meals at the tables assigned to it and clean away after each meal.
– Football boots may not be worn inside the school.
– Persons entering the school are required to show a wristband.
– Each team manager will be supplied with wristbands for the team at the Information office. Lost band will only be replaced against payment of the full participation fee.
– The Brøndby Cup organisers accept no responsibility for valuables, watches, cameras etc. 
– The school is closed between the hours 22.30 and 6 a.m.
– Be aware that starting a fire alarm at school can cost 5000, -DKK in fine.
– If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact the schools information office. The office is manned 24 hours a day.
– Violation of these rules can result in exclusion from the school.

We hope you enjoy your stay
Please observe the rules!