We welcome Rising Star to Cup Denmark 2019!
We had a chat with the coach before the arrival:

Why did you choose Cup Denmark?
This will be our 6th Summer European Tour with our academy, in previous years we have attended the Norway Cup as well as the Dana Cup. In 2019 we decided that it would be good to have a change of scenery for our tournament week and experience the city of Copenhagen as well as what looks to be a fantastic tournament with great facilities in Brondby.

What are you most looking forward to at Cup Denmark?
The opportunity for all our Rising Stars to travel alongside playing football in the summer is something really special, we enjoy a one week training camp in Portugal, Faro, at the Colina Verde Sports Resort before we arrive in Copenhagen and this will prepare all our teams perfectly for fun yet competitive games at the Cup Denmark. We are excited to play against new teams, and enjoy the football festival atmosphere that always exists at such tournaments.

How are you preparing for the tournament?
Besides the week training camp in Portugal before arriving at the Cup Denmark, our players being massive football enthusiasts will be practicing and playing games, tournaments and importantly keeping up good academics in the weeks and months prior to our arrival in Europe on July 23rd.

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