Cup Denmark is organized together with Brøndby IF, at Brøndby Stadion, Copenhagen.


Student Residence.
Sports Center.

Age categories 2019

11a side
A B00/01/02
B B03
C B04
G G02
H G03
I   G04

9a side
D B05
E B06
J   G05/06

7a side
K B07
L  B08
M B09
N  G07/08

5a side (Minicupen 2 nights) 
O P10
P P11
Q P12

Match duration

A, G  2 x 25 minutes

Others 2 x 20 minutes

The Tournament

The tournament is played according to the rules of FIFA and the Danish F.A.

A maximum of 18 players (11-a-side) may be used per match, 12 players (7-a-side). However there is no limit on the number of players a team may use during the tournament. A player may not play for two different teams in the same age group.

A win gives 3 points and a draw 1 point.

If two teams end up on the same number of points then the following will be used to separate the teams:
Goal difference, number of goals scored, the results between the two teams, penalties.

Program 2019

Wednesday 31 of July
Possibility of an extra nights stay

Thursday 1 of August
Arrival of the participants
Opening ceremony

Friday 2 of August
Qualifying rounds
A visit to Bakken (amusement park)

Saturday 3 of August
Qualifying rounds
Leaders meeting

Sunday 4 of August
Semi-finals and Finals
Prize ceremony
Departure of the participants.

Monday 5 of August
Departure of the participants.

Tournament rules

1. The tournament is known as Cup Denmark.

2. The tournament is from 2017 held at Brøndby Stadion, Copenhagen.

3. The TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE has complete authority in all matters relating to the control, operation and progress of the event.

4. The Tournament Director or Referee´s Co-ordinator may, at his/her discretion decide to form a PANEL to consider appeals.

5. Ages will be checked before the commencement of the tournament. Birth certificates and/or passports must be supplied if required.

6. THE RULES are as in 11-a-side football. The 11-a-side football will be played in accordance with the Laws of the game as laid down by the International Football Association Board. All 7 a-side age groups will be played with special 7 a-side rules.

7. In all age groups substitutes are permitted from a maximum of 7 nominated substitutes (5 nominated substitutes 7-a-side). Substitutions may be made when the ball is out of play but only with the referees concession.

8. If in the opinion of the referee there is an unacceptable clash of colours, the away team must change kit. Player who do not take part in game, must be aware that the referee can have them removed from the sideline if their clothing is to similar to the teams playing.

9. All team managers/representatives must make sure the team is present by the pitch, 15 minutes before the commencement of their game.

10. The Football Association of Denmark has approved this Tournament and all participants must be able to show the affiliation to the Football Association of their home country.

11. A full LIST OF PLAYERS has to be listed on the official form and submitted to the organiser. It will be the responsibility of the manager to complete this sheet before the start of the tournament. It will be retained for the entire competition. Additional players can be added during the tournament, but only with the approval of the tournament office.

12. MATCH DURATION shall be:
A, G  2 x 25 minutes.

All other age Groups  2 x 20 minutes.
These are subject to change dependant on the number of games to be played on a day or on other factors such as the weather.

The teams must bring their own balls for warm up. The ball received upon arrival at the tournament is the only ball to be used as a match ball. The home team is responsible that this ball is available. The away teams ball is to be used as the reserve ball.

13. All teams will be scheduled to play 5 – 7 matches. The exact FORMAT of the tournament is determined by the number of teams in each group. The aim is to provide one/two games per day for every team but this may not always be possible. A league format will be used, 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.
If two teams finish on the same number of points in the group then the following will decide the final group order:

1 Goal difference

2 Number of goals scored

3 Result from the group game between the teams.

If the teams can still not be separated then penalties will decide which team finishes above the other.

14. If, for any reason, fixtures are affected by circumstances such as the WEATHER, the tournament shall progress as decided by the tournament organisation. This decision will be binding and no protests will be allowed.

15. Should a team fail to fulfil a fixture to the satisfaction of the the referee, the opposition will be awarded 3 points. The offending team may be disqualified from the event or made to forfeit all or some of the points earned in earlier matches.

16. PLAYER BEHAVIOUR at these age groups is often determined by the attitude/behaviour of the Manager/Coaches. They should inform their squad that:
a) Foul play, dissent or bad language will bring immediate cautions and if repeated, dismissal.

b) Coaches and Team Managers are subject to the same sanctions.

c) While accepting that coaching is the norm in Junior and Youth Football excessive or abusive coaching will not be allowed and Coaches/Managers must remain in their bench area to ensure that these rules are observed. Comments to match officials are not acceptable and will be recorded by the match official, for further disciplinary action.

d) If any player receives a red card or two cautions in one game, he/she will be dismissed from the field and he/she will be excluded from the next game. If dismissed again, or if he/she receives two further cautions, he/she will be banned from the rest of the Tournament. Single cautions issued in the group games will not carry forward to the semi-final. All field misconduct will be reported to the appropriate County or National Association.

17. A MATCH CONTROL office will be found at the playing fields which will deal with all matters relating to the games. REFEREES and OFFICIALS will also be controlled through this office.

18. FIFA ON PITCH DRESS CODE will be applied. No stockings around ankles and shin pads must be worn. No ear-rings, necklaces, watches or jewellery to be worn. Rings may be allowed at Referees discretion if taped. Any plaster cast must be covered with soft material to the satisfaction of the referee who may or may not allow the player to take part.

19. DRESSING ROOM accommodation is available but limited. We recommend that players from the residences should arrive changed for their games and shower on their return.

20. Because of the heavy programme of matches during the week, BALL PLAY ON THE PITCHES should be restricted to match time, warm-ups with balls should not take place on the pitches until within 5 minutes of kick-off time, casual play on unused pitches is prohibited and Tournament players doing so will be CAUTIONED.

21. MEDALS will be awarded to all participating teams.

22. MEDICAL INSURANCE should be held by all visiting teams for outside of Denmark and EC.

23. FIRST AID COVER will be available at the playing area, treatment is free of charge.

24. REFEREES shall be appointed by the tournament.

25. All protest are to be made in writing, and left to the tournament office no later than 30 minutes after the game. Only team involved in game can do this, and only leaders who are listed on the team list can sign the protest. The organising committee decision is final. The Committee have the power, without exception, to deal with any matters arising not provided for there rules. The protest fee is 500dkr which will be reimbursed if the protest is with held.

26. Each team must provide a REFEREES ASSISTANT for each game, who must be a responsible person or over 18 years of age.

27. EXTRA TIME will not be played in this Competition, each team will be awarded 5 penalties, which will proceed normal time in the knock-out phases.

28. If a player is receives a red card the player together with a team official shall report to the tournament office one hour before the teams next game and show his / her ID. Failure to do this will lead to disqualification.

29. The rules apply to all participants without exceptions.