Program 2018

Wednesday 1 of August
Possibility of an extra nights stay

Thursday 2 of August
Arrival of the participants
Opening ceremony

Friday 3 of August
Qualifying rounds
A visit to Bakken (amusement park)

Saturday 4 of August
Qualifying rounds
Leaders meeting

Sunday 5 of August
Semi-finals and Finals
Prize ceremony
Departure of the participants.

Monday 6 of August
Departure of the participants.



Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony begins with a speech from the organizers, afterwards we open up for the much appreciated karaoke evening with singing, laughter and the opportunity to mingle with other participants from around the World!

On Friday we visit Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world and the most entertaining in Denmark – with a tradition stretching back 425 years. There are over 130 different attractions – from the roller coaster, wheel of fortune and shooting galleries to the gaming halls and dance clubs.

Cup Denmark TV
Did you know that the Cup Denmark has its own TV team? Every day we record highlights from the tournament that you can see these programs on our Cup Denmark television screens or on our YouTube channel!

Leaders Meeting
It can always be nice for team leaders to take a break from their football mad youngsters. While the players are at the disco, the leaders have a chance to go for a guided tour or a live football match.

When we’ve gotten rid of the leaders to their leaders meeting, we open the doors to our fun disco for all young people. Here the football isn’t in focus but instead high volume, party and dance, new friends and a great light show!

Tournament Area
On the playing area, the football is in center, but all around there are also opportunities for fun activities between matches. Indoor and outdoor activities, Leaders Corner and much more!

Local Entertainment
Except what Cup Denmark has to offer there is also local entertainment. Within walking distance of the tournament area you’ll for example find shopping, museums and restaurants.