Football tournament CUP Denmark offers international atmosphere

On the football tournament CUP Denmark meets every year teams from England , Ireland, Scotland , Germany, Sweden , Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic , Russia, USA and others. A total of 25 nations contributing to the international atmosphere during the tournament. Matches are played on Ishøj Sports Center, which is one of the most modern stadiums in Sjalland.

GPS DIRECTIONS TO THE TOURNAMENT: Latitude 55.615471 Longitud 12.367059

Football tournament CUP Denmark is more than just football

CUP Denmark football tournament will be held in Ishøj which is within commuting distance to downtown Copenhagen. Ishøj has much to offer beyond the football tournament. It has lovely green spaces and a fabulous beach park where there are opportunities for activities, sunbathing, swimming and relaxing between matches. On the beach park also Arken Museum of Art with its inspiring surroundings and impressive architecture with world-class art.

Ishøj is called the green gateway to Copenhagen, and you will soon understand why. In Copenhagen there is even more to explore in terms of attractions, events, shopping, amusement parks, art and culture. Just north of Copenhagen is Bakken, the oldest amusement park for those who want to enjoy roller coasters, free fall and lots of other fun experiences. It's always free entry, for this is surrounded by a very fine nature area with old oak trees and a large population of free-range deer.

Attend Football Cup CUP Denmark and experience the international atmosphere during football tour no interspersed with beautiful beaches and lovely city pulse. Register your team here.